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Who is Techcert ?

’Technical Universal Verification is an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory that performs Performance Tests such as Biocompatibility, Biomechanics, Sterility, Bioburden Test, Package Sealing, Strength Tests, ETO and ECH Residue Test Analysis. It serves as impartial and accredited.


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Biomechanical Testing

In our accredited laboratory, wear, static and dynamic tests of medical devices are performed according to the relevant ASTM and ISO stnadrds.

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Biocompatibility Testing

We perform biocompatibility tests such as Irritation, Toxicity, Pyrogenicity, Hemolytic Effect, Cytotoxicity, Implantation, Sensitization, Genotoxicity, Protein Determination according to ISO 10993, TS EN 455-3, OECD 471 and OECD 487 standards.

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Microbiological Testing

According to the relevant ISO and ASTM standards, we perform microbiological tests such as Bioburden, Sterility, Stability, Aging-Shelf Life, Package Seal, Leakage in our laboratory in an accredited manner.

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